Utilize These Tips to Save on Utilities

The average consumer will spend 7% of their annual income on energy. Who wants to be average when they can be better than average? Here are a few ways you can save on your utility bill.

Heating and cooling

How much you pay will depend on where you live, the size of your place and how you use your utilities. The biggest cost by far is heating and cooling your home, so the best place to start is there.

The temperature in your home doesn’t have to be the same day and night. By using a Smart Thermostat you can adjust your thermostat 7 – 10 degrees from its normal setting for eight hours a day you and save up to ten percent a year on your energy bill.

Seal up the leaks

Leaky windows are sucking money right out of your house. Ideally you’d want to replace them, but if you can’t afford that you certainly can afford to cover drafty windows with plastic in the winter. Also caulking and weather stripping are effective air-sealing techniques that pay for themselves in the first year.

Pull the plug

Did you know that every appliance you’ve got plugged in, whether you’re using it or not, is using electricity? Energy savings 101: Unplug all appliances when you’re not using them. Or invest in a smart power strip and turn them all off at the source.

See the light

About 12% of your utility cost goes to lighting. Step one, turn off the lights when you leave the room – obviously. Step two replace all your old bulbs with energy efficient bulbs. Not only do they use less electricity, they also last way longer so you don’t have to buy them as often.

Don’t run appliances during peak hours

Most utility companies have variable rates with costs higher during peak times. So, run appliances like the dishwasher and dryer at night when rates are lower.

Cold water wash

Hot water costs more than cold water. Save money by washing clothes on cold.

Money down the drain

And speaking of hot water, you can save even more by turning down the temperature of your hot water heater. The default setting from most manufacturers is 140 degrees. The department of energy recommends setting it at 120 degrees.

Another tip, turn off the water when you’re brushing your teeth. A few more bucks saved gives you even­ more reason to show off those gleaming pearly whites.

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